Meet the “Kids”:

As a part-time confectioner and connoisseur of all things sweet, Michael had experimented with just about every ingredient he could get his hands on. Only one captivated him so much that he decided to stake his future on it: Goat Milk. “Rich and complex I knew that I had to explore goat milk’s potential from the first taste. Goat milk elevates childhood candies into deeply sensuous treats.” 

Michael provides direction for all aspects of the Happy Goat business. However, a confectioner at heart, he is most often found in the kitchen presiding over batches of bubbling caramel making sure they are just so or tinkering with new ingredients and recipes. Sharing his favorite creations with the world makes him happy!

Kyle is a lover, not a fighter, especially when it comes to delicious goat milk caramel. A strategy dork by day and a foodie by later that day, Kyle saw the potential in Mike’s delicious caramel concoctions and the rest is living history. Feeding his sweet tooth makes him happy!