About Us:

We at Happy Goat are obsessed with making the best caramel in the world. Happy Goat uses only the finest ingredients to craft its artisanal caramels. Quality, Craftsmanship, and Responsibility are the watch words of this small friend-owned business. Founded by Michael Winnike in the Mission district of San Francisco, Happy Goat has grown a following of “foodies who care”.

Whether you are treating yourself or a loved one to a little happiness, take comfort in knowing that you are making a good choice.

Better for You: Happy Goat uses 100% all-natural grade ‘A’ quality goat milk that is Kosher certified. No growth hormones or antibiotics allowed! The protein and fat structures in goat milk are much simpler and smaller than those in cow milk. In fact, goat milk is the food closest in nature to mother’s milk! Naturally lower in fat than cow milk, goat milk also contains less lactose making it easier to digest. Those who are allergic to cow milk may be able to tolerate goat milk more easily (the Casin responsible for most cow milk allergies is present in greatly reduced quantities), and asthmatics may be spared the respiratory discomfort that often accompanies cow milk.

Better for Earth: Our milk comes from free-range goats raised on small California farms that do not use sprays, insecticides, or pesticides. These goats grow up healthy on a diet of grass, clover, alfalfa, legume hay, water, and salt. They are never fed anything genetically modified or containing animal by-products. They are provided with shelter from the elements and a wide area to roam, and are never separated from their mother’s at birth. Needless to say, happy goats make great caramels!

A knowing hand: Our caramels don’t roll off an assembly line. Our products are handmade in small batches and we don’t take short cuts. Sure, it costs more to make caramels this way, but each batch of caramel receives unparalleled care and attention ensuring that every piece of Happy Goat caramel will taste fantastic.

Quality ingredients: We are dedicated to using only the finest ingredients. Premium goat dairy and organic sugar give our caramels the incredibly unique and “udderly” irresistible flavor that makes Happy Goat stand out from the crowd. We never use imitation flavorings; our caramels are freckled with real Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean seeds. Take a closer look—it’s quality you can see.

A great value: When buying premium confections you want to know what you're paying for. Some other confectioners charge high prices because they have a fancy name or a stylish box. At Happy Goat, we strive to keep costs down, so we can pass the savings on to you. Call us old-fashioned, but we only invest in the things that matter most: craftsmanship and responsible, quality ingredients.

Making the world’s best caramel makes us happy. What makes you happy?